Exclusive black and white limited edition art prints of original antique photographs plates and contemporary artists artworks.

First editions and small edition size. All printed on japanese washi and art papers, numbered and signed by the artist.

Miho Ichise is a Japanese artist with a background in painting. She learned in France and England and lived in London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Zurich. From her journeys across the world, she learned to see her subject matter in motion and incorporate cinematic techniques into her work.

Although Miho Ichise is a painter, she starts her artworks uses photographs as a source material or reference. Her focus is on the small excitements of life, childhood memories, and mundane moments. Each painting is a frame of a film, a step, a millisecond of life. Therefore, the viewer becomes eager to see the next one, find out how the story develops, and watch the character’s evolution. The artworks of Miho Ichise are always dynamic and interactive.

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