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  • blackprint newsletter #11 - Invitation exhibition “ˈwʌt ðə ˈfʌk\ism” – Phygital, Part one

    Newsletter #11 – Invitation

    Invitation exhibition “ˈwʌt ðə ˈfʌk\ism” – Phygital, Part one. New collections Karo #04 & “Grußkarte”.
    New artworks by Alexander Bühler and Diego Brambilla on display at the gallery

  • blackprint gallery -5 years - Newsletter 10

    Newsletter #10 – 5 Years

    New and upcoming artworks with Diego Brambilla, Alexander Bühler, wonow + new Karo museum with Abgraphics studio

  • Duo exhibition Eva Iten / Klaus-Martin Gareis

    Dual exhibition

    blackprint edition’s Eva Iten series “The landscape we lose” and “Das unKraut” series by Klaus-Martin Gareis

  • Solo exhibition Diego Brambilla

    Consisting of unique darkroom prints made by the artist – blackprint artist editions – Digital works(*)  – linking physical and digital art.

  • blackprint newsletter octobre 2022

    New Karo collection #03

    Vernissage – New collection Karo #03 / Johannes Meiner (1867-1941) Zürich, curated by Ylva Meyer, photographs from the Baugeschichtliches Archiv der Stadt Zürich.

  • blackprint newsletter december 21

    Newsletter #09

    New blackprint edition featuring Eva Iten, Olli Bery and Alexander Bühler. New print edition bound with a NFT Edition on the Tezos low carbon blockchain.

  • blackprint Zurich Schwarz auf Weiss exhibition

    Zürich Schwarz auf Weiss

    The exhibition takes visitors on a journey into the first half of the 20th century working worlds of Zurich.

  • blackprint newsletter Nr.08

    Newsletter #08

    On January 13 1908 Henry Farman became the first aviator to succeed in covering 1,000 m with his Farman HF-I biplane.

  • blackprint züritipp Tages Anzeiger 2020

    Züritipp – Tages Anzeiger

    Vier Hände für ein Foto.
    Dieses Zürcher Duo macht aus alten und neuen Schwarzweissaufnahmen sinnliche Kunstwerke.

  • blackprint edition Limited Artist Edition featuring Alexander Sporre - "Rotms_zur_3" with frame

    Edition Artist #01 (update)

    Sometimes some works require a much longer reflection on design than others in order to always be able to offer you absolutely unique pieces. “Rotms_zur_3” by Alexander Sporre, produced by blackprint edition, is an example of this.

  • blackprint studio for Artist Olli Bery

    New Editions – Paris Photo 2019

    The first part of the new edition is available! The Karo has been extended and we are proud to present our new two artists Klaus-Martin Gareis and wonow!

  • blackprint edition NY art book fair2019

    NY Art Book Fair 2019

    blackprint edition will be present with a/b Books at MoMA PS1 during the New York Art Book Fair, to present our karo editions, karo limited and our latest productions with Klaus-Martin Gareis and Alexander Sporre.

  • blackprint newsletter #04 - Artist Edition #01

    Newsletter #04 – Artist edition #01

    The first blackprint artist edition, along with our updated studio address in Bahnhofstrasse, Zürich.

  • blackprint edition photo schweiz 2019

    Photo SCHWEIZ 2019

    We are going to be at the Photo19 with and Ars Imago. Bringing our high quality prints, Editions and a lot of material.

  • blackprint showcase zurich

    Showcase in Zurich

    Just in time, before 2018 ends, the 218 handmade origamis have been put in our showcase at the Börsenstrasse.

  • blackprint edition - bilanz 2018

    Bilanz Dezember 2018

    Juhuui, wir sind in der Bilanz Dezemberausgabe 2018 ! Wir sagen Merci vielmals !!!

  • blackprint edition - artist edition N°1 flyer exhibition 2018 Zurich Bahnhofstrasse

    Edition Artist #01

    Vergangenen Winter sind wir mit der historischen Foto Edition «Die Welt vor 100 Jahren» gestartet. Wir schliessen daran an in der Moderne und lancieren nun unsere erste Edition Artist (EA), die wir in unserem Studio in limitierten Kleinstauflagen von jeweils 3–7 Stück produzieren.

  • blackprint newsletter 02 cover

    Newsletter #02 – Karo collection #01

    Endlich ist es soweit und unser Onlineshop* mit den ersten Editionen «Die Welt vor 100 Jahren» ist ON, auf handgeschöpftem Papier von Cartalafranca und der Basler Papiermühle.

  • blackprint edition - Limited edition of an original antique negative on glass of a hot air balloon circa 1900

    Limited Edition of Antique Photographs

    A private collection of antique photographs on glass,
    which opened the desire to show these 150 year old photographs in a new but coherent manner and therefor in
    limited series, has materialized in the self-published project blackprint edition.

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