Founded in 2016 in Zürich by two interdisciplinary artists.

Bühler & Chrétien

Professionals with many years of freelance experience in the field of design, archi­tec­ture, scenog­ra­phy, applied arts and music.  Both produced personal projects of artistic performances and musical creations.

Their encounter and their common passion for art and photography led them to the creation of the blackprint studio and the self-editing project “blackprint edition“, always with an artistic, creative and authentic approach to the print and the “photographic object”.

blackprint is a member of:
Spectrum – Photography in Switzerland

We would like to thank all the people who help us to build and develop blackprint with special thanks to:

Greg Babb, Digital Strategy at Key Level Marketing

The blackprint collection

In founding blackprint studio we adress to anyone who is looking for an innovative and artistic approach to printing. With a sharp and modern technique learnt over years, printmaker Anthony Chrétien will bring your black and white data, analog or digital, to life.

Simultaneously and in parallel with the creation of the black and white printing studio blackprint, we have united our common passion with our private collection (The blackprint collection) of antique photographs on glass. This opened the desire to show the 150 year old photographs in a new (paper, format, technique etc.) but coherent manner (therefor limited) and  materialised in: blackprint edition.

We wanted to manage the production of our editions in its entirety, taking the aspect of the confection and the smallest details from the very beginning. From the container, the packaging, the graphics (with graphic designer Jacques Borel) the paper to the design of the frame.

In November 2018 blackprint edition has launched its collaborations with 5 international contemporary photographers and emerging artists.

Portrait of the co-founder of blackprint and blackprint edition
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