Exclusive black and white limited edition art prints of original antique photographs plates and contemporary artists artworks.

First editions and small edition size. All printed on japanese washi and art papers, numbered and signed by the artist.

The Karo Edition is dedicated to our private collection of glass plates. We bring to life 150-year-old photographs by printing them on exclusive paper from Switzerland and Japan. To complete the look, we deliver the pieces in a brown/black, vinyl style packaging, with a round see-through window. The transparent cover is made of recycled polymers.

This edition is a window to the past. One can find here unique perspectives of Vesuvius and Mont Blanc, insights of European cities in the XIXth century, or some of the first representations of nude photography. History and art come together in a natural and everlasting way.

The pieces from the Karo Edition are available in limited editions. They are 30 × 30 cm and numbered. You can choose to buy them framed or unframed.

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