“Neko” Box set. Edition of 24

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Artist: Miho Ichise
Year: 2022
Country: Japan

Size Paper: 23.5 × 27 cm
Printing technique: Piezography® Pro
Paper: Handmade Thick Tesuki with deckled edges, 200 gr/m2, pH-neutral.

Box set: 3 “Neko” prints included

Frame (option): Distance magnetic frame | 27.7 × 30.6 cm / aluminium silver mat | profile 8/27 
Distance: 10 mm, white
Glass: Anti-reflective museum art glass

First edition of 24 + 2 AP, Zürich
Numbered and signed by the artist and provided with a Verisart Certificate of Authenticity


About Miho Ichise

Miho Ichise is a Japanese artist with a background in painting. She learned in France and England and lived in London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Zurich. From her journeys across the world, she learned to see her subject matter in motion and incorporate cinematic techniques into her work.

Although Miho Ichise is a painter, she starts her artworks uses photographs as a source material or reference. Her focus is on the small excitements of life, childhood memories, and mundane moments. Each painting is a frame of a film, a step, a millisecond of life. Therefore, the viewer becomes eager to see the next one, find out how the story develops, and watch the character’s evolution. The artworks of Miho Ichise are always dynamic and interactive.

Miho Ichise (* 1969 / Japan)
Lives and works in Fukuoka, Japan

IG: Miho Ichise

About the artwork

“Cats in Japan (Neko)” is the first blackprint edition signed by Miho Ichise and is dedicated entirely to cats. As the majesty of felines is recognized in Japanese and other cultures around the world, it is only natural for a Japanese artist to focus on their endless poses, attitudes, and personalities. Here, Miho’s attention to detail and film strategies excel the most.

Her black and white drawings capture moments that last just seconds, giving us a glimpse into the cat’s mood and lifestyle. By starting with a snapshots (of cats), the artist has time to build a connection, observe in detail, and find the perfect focal point. Miho’s artworks are designed around movement and aim to tell a story. It may be a new story or an old memory from your childhood. Her paintings are an open door to a world of wonders, a scenario, and a possibility.

“Cats in Japan (Neko)” may be considered a tribute to Kawaii, the Japanese culture of cuteness. The prints can easily lift one’s mood, bring smiles, and provide instant relaxation. The collection includes a set of three prints of cats printed on a very special extra-thick handmade washi paper and presented in a paperboard box. The design thoughtfully fits the artist’s philosophy and is meant to provide a complete experience.

Additional information
Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 55 × 3 × 70 cm

Box set or single print (Unframed/Framed):

Box set – Neko (all 3 prints), Neko #01 – Single print – unframed, Neko #01 – Single print – Framed, Neko #02 – Single print – unframed, Neko #02 – Single print – Framed, Neko #03 – Single print – unframed, Neko #03 – Single print – Framed

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