Exclusive black and white limited edition art prints of original antique photographs plates and contemporary artists artworks.

First editions and small edition size. All printed on japanese washi and art papers, numbered and signed by the artist.

wonow is a Grolandeers artist, currently living and working in Switzerland. With a background in applied arts and design and a passion for drawing, wonow combines media and techniques with ease.

Abstract drawings in ink and charcoal, with powerful strokes and deep meanings, are only the beginning. The artist’s journey may start with a brush but it smoothly passes to music, photography, film, and performance. wonow exposes the artistic process and shares it with the public. Each piece is a collection of layers, unexpected and improvised, but carefully chosen. wonow uses art materials to offer more than art. The artist offers “the experience”.

In the wonow collection, you’ll find photographs of large-scale improvised charcoal and ink drawings. They are printed on handmade Japanese Washi paper. The prints are available in limited editions of 30 copies. They are numbered and signed by the artist.

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