Exclusive black and white limited edition art prints of original antique photographs plates and contemporary artists artworks.

First edi­tions and small edi­tion size. All print­ed on japan­ese washi and art papers, num­bered and signed by the artist.

Diego Bram­bil­la is an Ital­ian artist based in Zürich, Switzer­land. His work revolves around the rela­tion­ship with nature and opens up to an inner space full of mys­tery as well as play­ful­ness and irony. Diego’s pic­tures are dry and essen­tial. They depict unusu­al atmos­pheres, inward land­scapes, states of mind. Blend­ing real and imag­i­nary, his process com­bines pho­tog­ra­phy with instal­la­tions and sculptures. 

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