Exclusive black and white limited edition art prints of original antique photographs plates and contemporary artists artworks.

First edi­tions and small edi­tion size. All print­ed on japan­ese washi and art papers, num­bered and signed by the artist.

The Karo #02 edi­tion is based on our pri­vate col­lec­tion of glass plates and includes pho­tographs most­ly relat­ed to Switzer­land. Most pho­tographs are tak­en before 1900 and show the idyl­lic face of Swiss land­scape and cityscape.

Pieces from the Karo #02 edi­tion are print­ed on Japan­ese Washi paper and Arch­es Velin BFK Rives paper. They are avail­able in lim­it­ed edi­tions of 90 copies.

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