The edition collection. All blackprint editions are exclusive limited first editions, numbered and signed by the artists.


Each unique piece is printed on exceptional paper and produced down to the last detail.

Karo edition

The Karo editions papersize is 30 × 30 cm (11.8 × 11.8″). Each print is numbered and delivered in a vinyl style packaging with a window protected by a clear cover made of recycled polymers. Acid-free and biodegradable. Each topic is chosen from our original glass plate collection.

Karo collectors edition

Comes in a black, matt vinyl style packaging and is printed on very exclusive paper from Switzerland, Japan and India. Each piece is numbered and comes with a certificate.

Each karo can be purchased framed or unframed.

Private collection

We print our Private collection on very selected and rare artpaper like Cartalafranca (CH), AIJP Awagami Editioning (JP) or very rare traditional washi (JP). Each piece is numbered and comes with a certificate.

We chose our subjects on terms of quality and uniqueness. Each of our antique glass plates is printed with the least digital corrections maintaining traces of age physically and chemically.

Artist edition

In November 2018, blackprint edition launched its collaborations with international contemporary photographers and emerging artists.

The “artist edition” is dedicated to the contemporary photographers and artists. In a collaboration we transform selected art pieces into limited and collectable editions.

Each exclusive artwork chosen by blackprint edition is developed with the artist. As with all our blackprint editions we choose the paper very carefully for our artist editions and we make and take care of the design of every detail of the artwork.

The artist edition does not exceed the number of 7 copies and 2 AP for over CHF 1000.- and 60 copies of artwork under CHF 500.–

Take Out! edition

We wanted to offer an even more affordable quality limited edition, already framed and ready to hang.

The first serie, “dunn”, specially created by wonow for blackprint is an original series of microphotographs printed on a beautiful awagami bamboo paper from Japan.

Each copy is framed in a premium frame with anti-reflective museum glass and passe-partout.

The format of each edition is 14.8 × 21 cm (5.8 × 8.3″) in a magnetic wooden frame of 30 × 40 cm (11.8 × 15.7″).

As all blackprint editions, each copy is numbered and this edition does not exceed 200 copies.

The Artists

Olli Bery

blackprint edition, black and white portrait of the artist Olli Bery


Olli Bery is a French photographer with a very direct approach that leaves no room for concessions. He developed his photographic language around reality, which allows him to exhibit the unusual, but also recognizable, face of the world. His works are a vibrant dialogue that takes place in an intimate environment. Olli Bery knows how to listen and how to respond.

“My work is constructed like a musical score in which my emotional flashes impose the rhythm on the photographs and direct the operating modes I use to respond to them.”

Trained as a photo reporter, Olli Bery has transformed his work into continuous development of the same photographic act. For the last ten years, the artist has invested all his energy into a single project. His strong points are modesty, solitude, lack of acquisitiveness, reverence for the commonplace, and exploration of the familiar. The artist strengthens the narrative by allowing photographic technique, printing, types of paper, and final products to influence his aesthetic. His work is homogenous, authentic, and resonant to the extent that the viewer can see colours in otherwise black and white photographs.

Olli Bery (*1973 / France)

instagram: @ollibery_seriti

Diego Brambilla

blackprint edition, black and white portrait of the artist photographer Diego Brambilla 2021


Diego Brambilla is an Italian artist, based between London and Zürich, who graduated from the London College of Communication with an MA in photography in 2015. Previous education includes a BA in Sociology and a diploma in Film Direction.

Deliberately mixing real and imaginary, he stages fictional scenarios and experimentally combines photography with sculpture. Drawing upon contemporary narratives about nature, the human body or science, his work challenges those concepts as cultural products and investigates their ability to reconfigure the meaning within a constructed imagination.

His work has received the PhotoX award and it has been selected and shortlisted for several competitions such as Athens Photo Festival, Voies Off Arles and PhotogrVphy Grant and it has been exhibited many times in London and in Milan. His work has gained the attention of the media and it has been featured in many magazines, printed and online, such as Fisheye Magazine, GUP, Wired (US and Japan), Dailybest. It has been published in the Paris Opera booklet and got featured on Rai3 (national Italian television).

Diego Brambilla (*1978 / Italy)
Lives and works in Zürich

instagram: @brambilladiego

Alexander Bühler

blackprint art gallery - Alexander Buhler - portrait


Alexander Bühler is a Swiss artist, with a painting degree from Chelsea College of Fine Arts, London. After leaving college he has been traveling extensively in Asian, Europe and later in Latin America. The travels and adaption processes involved, have continuously challenge his artistic practice, to explore new techincs and forms to relize and produce his ideas. During the CCA-Kitakyushu residency in Japan, he create a unique video installation called “A moment of truth” (2010), for the solo show “Archetypes and Line” in London at Studio 1.1, one hundred small paintings where shown, hung onto 3 color fields painted onto the exhibition walls. Alexander’s work is very much a meditative process, an internal enquiry which nevertheless takes his encounter with the outside world as its starting point. In trying to understand, bumping into the physical world, as it were, he gradually becomes aware of cognitive processes which then evolve within the making of the work itself.

Alexander Bühler (*1977 / Switzerland)
Lives and works in Zürich and Mexico

instagram: @alexander_buehler

Klaus-Martin Gareis

blackprint edition Limited Artist Edition featuring Klaus-Martin Gareis


Klaus-Martin Gareis is an autodidactic photographer. In 2004 he started experimenting with analogue equipment and development procedures and over the years created his own work process including oil colour to create unique large scale works.
While the photography itself always stands for the beginning of a complex process towards and finished work, the main goal for each sujet is to find its own metaphorical language, emphasizing each photography uniquely.
Over several years KM has explored the so called alternative development processes for analogue photography. Several promising processes are hardly to manage any longer these days like some of the Bromoil Prints you find in the Objects section. The now settled procedure is based on Lith and Polychrom Developers used in a form to produce rather erroneous and chaotically results instead of exact and accurate prints. Using in some cases old and long expired photographic paper, the combination by itself results already in a kind of unpredictable print.

Klaus-Martin Gareis (*1968 / Germany)

instagram: @hirte_7

Kurt Haefeli

blackprint edition - Kurt Haefeli


Gesteine, verwittert und von Brandung umspült, abgelagert in einem schöpferischen Prozess der Natur, als Zeitzeugen der langen Erdgeschichte. Von visuellen Rhythmen und Kompo- sitionen in Gesteins- und Eisformationen lässt sich Kurt Haefeli inspirieren.
Steine, auskristallisierte Minerale, haben auf uns Menschen eine fast magische Wirkung. Bereits als Kinder können wir uns der faszinierenden Vielfalt von Formen und Farben kaum entziehen. Wir wollen sie sammeln, aufbewahren und besitzen. Diese Leidenschaft packte auch mich als Fotografen. Sie lässt mich Gesteine, die manchmal an japanische Zen-Gärten erinnern, auf den für Island typischen Sanderebenen und an Küsten suchen, entdecken, fokussieren, ins rechte Licht rücken und mit der Kamera einfangen. Manchmal geschieht dies wie in einem Fluss der Begeisterung. Ich verliere mich beim Fotografieren der Gesteine, tauche ein in eine unmittelbare Erfahrung. Es ist wie ein Verschmelzen mit der umgebenden Natur. Ausschnitte, Verschlusszeiten und Blenden wähle ich dann wie automatisch und vergesse dabei die reale Zeit. Natürlich gelingt diese Art der Fotografie nicht ohne Vorbereitung und Planung. Gezeiten, Brandung und Lichtstimmungen verändern sich in verschiedenen Rhythmen, müssen beobachtet und analysiert werden. Oft braucht es viel Geduld, langes Warten und dann in kurzen Zeitfenstern schnelles Handeln.

Kurt Haefeli (*1954 / Switzerland)
Lives and works in Zürich

Eva Iten

eva iten self portrait


Eva Iten is a Swiss photographer who observes the surroundings with an agile eye and captures its stories in a unique manner. She works on a project over a long period of time. Whether the subject is the underwater world, flowers, travels, landscapes, or people, her projects are chosen consciously and treated with a lot of care and attention. Eva Iten works not only with different subject matters but also with different photographic techniques, which gives her more freedom of expression. The narrative line never ends.

In her photographs, Eva Iten captures reality, but she does it almost in a mystical way. She spends a long time with each photograph perfecting the smallest detail and infusing it with personality and meaning. You can see her spirit shining through her fine-art photos. Storyteller by heart, Iten uses the photographic medium to document former Yugoslavian re-education camps, moments from her family’s life, illness, nature, and social issues. Like Eva Iten says in the introduction of her last series, “You will never know the whole story”:

“What is not talked about cannot be put to rest. What is not put to rest will continue to ferment from generation to generation.” 

It seems there is always a secret behind Eva Iten’s photos. Whether they are black and white underwater moments, paintings of light, or colorful post-processed flowers, her photos reveal and hide at the same time a mystery, a metaphor, or a metamorphosis. There is always more to find out, explore, and photograph.

In 2017, Eva Iten received the Atelier Flex Prize of the Canton of Zug for the project “You will never know the whole story”. She continued to work on the series until 2021. The pictures were exhibited in Rijeka and Dubrovnik as part of the EU Capital of Culture 2020 and published in a book.

Eva Iten ( *1963 / Switzerland)
Lives and works in the Canton of Zug

Thom Kubli

Thom Kubli blackprint edition


Thom Kubli (CH) works as an artist and composer in Berlin. His works address the human condition in the light of digital change – between myth and digitization, spirituality, and artificial intelligence.

His drawings are similar to technical sketches but imply a spontaneous, performative element. The subjects are inspired by the vibrant ties between art, technological developments, and the peculiarities of human interaction. Thus he creates a graphic space of speculation about structure, dynamics, and emotion.

Kubli’s sculptures and installations have been shown internationally, e.g., at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City, at Ars Electronica, Linz, at Eyebeam, New York City, at the File Festival, São Paulo, or Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City. His artistic research includes collaborations with the MIT Media Lab, Boston, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy / New York, or the ZHAW Zurich.

Thom Kubli (*1969 / Germany)

instagram: @thomkubli

Alexander Sporre

blackprint edition, black and white portrait of the artist Alexander Sporre


The work of Alexander Sporre addresses the philosophical—and often poetic—dimensions of success and failure as well as the illusion of a knowable and rational self.

After suffering an unexpected case of burnout a few years ago, he was suddenly struck with an intensified perception of personal failure. During his slow journey towards recovery, he realized that perhaps these feelings of defeat were instrumental in revealing the essentially illusory nature of the self.

Ever since his recovery he has been documenting his direct surroundings in an effort to see beyond the veil of our perceived reality. In his work this is expressed in imagery of an imperfect and lyrical nature. Sporre explores the boundaries of the medium through experimentation with (un)conventional development processes. Combining both digital and analog techniques, he seeks to be continuously surpised by the beauty of imperfection. Sporre travelled many times to Japan, where he recently had his first solo exhibition. His second one is expected in January 2019.
Alexander Sporre graduated from the Photo Academy, Amsterdam in 2017.

Alexander Sporre (*1988 / The Netherland)

instagram: @alexandersporre


wonow - Portrait - blackprint edition


wonow (*1970 /×)

Jean-Luc Grossmann

Jean-Luc Grossmann portrait


Freelancer and co-owner of photography collective PlanetVisible, Jean-Luc Grossmann is much more than a photographer. He is a seeker who builds connections wherever he goes, respectfully asking to be part of the world’s story. He sees everything with curiosity and encourages others to do the same. Because each mountain you climb and each culture you encounter are part of your journey and, in the end, of your heart.

The openness of the photographer adds a unique dimension to his photographs. His compositions are graphic, elaborate, and artful. Although they can only capture one moment, Jean-Luc’s photographs reveal an entire story and allow the viewer to enter a world they’ve never experimented with. Furthermore, they become a window to the photographer’s soul.
Jean-Luc’s photographs aren’t just creative and aesthetically perfect; they are thoughtful, warm, and emotional. You feel amongst friends and part of their journey. You understand at a deep level the beauty of living hand in hand with nature because a friend shares his experiences with you. And that’s the highest level of intimacy you can have with a photograph.

Jean-Luc Grossmann (*1969 / France)

instagram: @jlgrossmann

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