«Here Silence Stands like Heat». Edition of 3

$ 4'700.00

Artist: Olli Bery
Year: November 2021
Country: France

Size Paper: ca. 46 × 61 cm with deckled edges
Medium: Piezography® Pro on Handmade black abaca paper

Size laminated glass: 53 × 0.4 × 66 cm
Laminated Glass: anti-reflect glass + extra-clear white glass 2 × 2 mm

Limited Edition Artist of 3 + 1AP – serial unique piece, Zürich

Signed, dated and numbered by the artist
Provided with a Verisart blockchain Certificate of Authenticity.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

About Olli Bery

Olli Bery is a French photographer with a very direct approach that leaves no room for concessions. He developed his photographic language around reality, which allows him to exhibit the unusual, but also recognizable, face of the world. His works are a vibrant dialogue that takes place in an intimate environment. Olli Bery knows how to listen and how to respond.

“My work is constructed like a musical score in which my emotional flashes impose the rhythm on the photographs and direct the operating modes I use to respond to them.”

Trained as a photo reporter, Olli Bery has transformed his work into continuous development of the same photographic act. For the last ten years, the artist has invested all his energy into a single project. His strong points are modesty, solitude, lack of acquisitiveness, reverence for the commonplace, and exploration of the familiar. The artist strengthens the narrative by allowing photographic technique, printing, types of paper, and final products to influence his aesthetic. His work is homogenous, authentic, and resonant to the extent that the viewer can see colours in otherwise black and white photographs.

The artist has dedicated the last ten years to a singular photographic act. It’s challenging, but also exciting to be part of a long narrative. This edition is proof that photography can induce predictability, expectation, and a little bit of magic. Olli Bery describes his work as a riddle that leaves the viewer eager to find out more:

“The only whispered clue is a question: DO YOU SEE THE BLUE?”

Olli Bery (*1973 / France)

instagram: @ollibery_seriti

About the artwork

The “Here Silence Stands like Heat” edition is a portfolio of 12 photographs from the ZERO NOWHERE series, which is the third and final part of the work Olli Bery began in 2012. From all his works, this series resembles the most a musical piece, having a strict but playful structure and recognizable theme.

The artworks of the “Here Silence Stands like Heat” edition are black prints on black handmade abaca paper laminated between two glass plates. The lamination process requires about 8 hours in a vacuum oven.


Additional information
Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 61 × 3 × 81 cm



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