“Rotms_zur_1”. Edition of 7

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Artist: Alexander Sporre
Title: “Rotms_zur_1”
Year: 20 November 2018
Country: Japan

Size Paper: 34.5 × 51.5 cm
Medium: Piezography® Pro on JonCone Type 5 Baryta 290 gr/m2

Swiss handmade frame: 36 × 53 cm
Material: Black Wood-KR | profile 13/28
Distance: 15 mm, black
Glass: Anti-reflective museum art glass

First edition of 7 + 2AP, Zürich
Numbered and signed by the artist
Delivery time: 2 weeks

The work of Alexander Sporre addresses the philosophical—and often poetic—dimensions of success and failure as well as the illusion of a knowable and rational self.

After suffering an unexpected case of burnout a few years ago, he was suddenly struck with an intensified perception of personal failure. During his slow journey towards recovery, he realized that perhaps these feelings of defeat were instrumental in revealing the essentially illusory nature of the self.

Ever since his recovery he has been documenting his direct surroundings in an effort
to see beyond the veil of our perceived reality. In his work this is expressed in imagery of an imperfect and lyrical nature. Sporre explores the boundaries of the medium through experimentation with (un)conventional development processes. Combining both digital and analog techniques, he seeks to be continuously surpised by the beauty of imperfection. Sporre travelled many times to Japan, where he recently had his first solo exhibition. His second one is expected in January 2019.
Alexander Sporre graduated from the Photo Academy, Amsterdam in 2017.

Alexander Sporre (*1988 / The Netherland)


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Artist: Alexan­der Sporre
Title: “Rotms_zur_1”
Year: 20 Novem­ber 2018
Coun­try: Japan

Size Paper: 34.5 × 51.5 cm
Medi­um: Piezog­ra­phy® Pro on Jon­Cone Type 5 Bary­ta 290 gr/m2

Swiss hand­made frame: 36 × 53 cm
Mate­r­i­al: Black Wood-KR | pro­file 1328
Dis­tance: 15 mm, black
Glass: Anti-reflec­tive muse­um art glass

First edi­tion of 7 + 2AP, Zürich
Num­bered and signed by the artist
Deliv­ery time: 2 weeks

The work of Alexan­der Sporre address­es the philo­soph­i­cal — and often poet­ic — dimen­sions of suc­cess and fail­ure as well as the illu­sion of a know­able and ratio­nal self.

After suf­fer­ing an unex­pect­ed case of burnout a few years ago, he was sud­den­ly struck with an inten­si­fied per­cep­tion of per­son­al fail­ure. Dur­ing his slow jour­ney towards recov­ery, he real­ized that per­haps these feel­ings of defeat were instru­men­tal in reveal­ing the essen­tial­ly illu­so­ry nature of the self.

Ever since his recov­ery he has been doc­u­ment­ing his direct sur­round­ings in an effort
to see beyond the veil of our per­ceived real­i­ty. In his work this is expressed in imagery of an imper­fect and lyri­cal nature. Sporre explores the bound­aries of the medi­um through exper­i­men­ta­tion with (un)conventional devel­op­ment process­es. Com­bin­ing both dig­i­tal and ana­log tech­niques, he seeks to be con­tin­u­ous­ly surpised by the beau­ty of imper­fec­tion. Sporre trav­elled many times to Japan, where he recent­ly had his first solo exhi­bi­tion. His sec­ond one is expect­ed in Jan­u­ary 2019.
Alexan­der Sporre grad­u­at­ed from the Pho­to Acad­e­my, Ams­ter­dam in 2017.

Alexan­der Sporre (*1988 / The Netherland)


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