“Memory of a festive event”#01. Edition of 7

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Artist: Alexander Bühler
Year: December 2021
Country: Switzerland

Size Paper: 33 × 48 cm
Medium: Piezography® Pro on Awagami Bizan handmade washi (video papermaking).

Distance magnetic frame: 35 × 50 cm
Material: Aluminium Silver matt | profile 9/27
Distance: 10 mm, white
Glass: Anti-reflective museum art glass

First edition of 7 + 2AP (+ 9 NFT)
Each print is bound to a Non-fungible token

Signed, dated and numbered by the artist
Provided with a Verisart blockchain Certificate of Authenticity.


About Alexander Bühler

Alexander Bühler is a Swiss artist, with a painting degree from Chelsea College of Fine Arts, London. After leaving college he has been traveling extensively in Asian, Europe and later in Latin America. The travels and adaption processes involved, have continuously challenge his artistic practice, to explore new techincs and forms to relize and produce his ideas. During the CCA-Kitakyushu residency in Japan, he create a unique video installation called “A moment of truth” (2010), for the solo show “Archetypes and Line” in London at Studio 1.1, one hundred small paintings where shown, hung onto 3 color fields painted onto the exhibition walls. Alexander’s work is very much a meditative process, an internal enquiry which nevertheless takes his encounter with the outside world as its starting point. In trying to understand, bumping into the physical world, as it were, he gradually becomes aware of cognitive processes which then evolve within the making of the work itself.

Alexander Bühler (*1977 / Switzerland)
Lives and works in Zürich and Mexico


Interview with Alexander Bühler by Evelyne Bucher, Exhibition and Collection Curator at Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich:

About the artwork

Alexander Bühler dedicates the “Memory of a festive event” edition to remembrance. Inspired by a flower bouquet received by his mother on her 80’s birthday, Bühler focuses on the ephemeral and transitory appearance of life. But instead of mourning the past, he celebrates the present and encapsulates the memory in his art. And what better subject to document the temporal dimension of life than flowers?

This edition is Alexander Bühler’s way of showing his appreciation and esteem for the people he loves. And although the artist uses dried flowers with faded colours, the memory of a moment, of a person, and of a profound relationship are kept alive through his artworks.

“My work is about the beauty of remembering, celebration, and esteem of the people around you. In my case, these flowers that were given to my mother on her 80’s birthday. As with all life, nothing is eternal, rather transitory, and what once blossomed starts to fade away. What is left is a memory, and it is precisely what we can store as a reminder of the persons and people we so dearly love.”

As with all his works, Bühler uses unexpected techniques and mediums to bring to life his artistic vision. His works are abstract and profound, inviting the viewer to mediation and inner exploration. Bühler’s prints are as much about him as they are about the viewer.

For this edition, he used his mother’s dried flowers to create arrangements and photocopying to transfer them on paper. As if this wasn’t enough to capture the essence of the feeling, the artist used the copier to overlap multiple images. Signs of photocopying and the shifts produced by the multiplication of photocopies are still present in the prints. The artist’s dedication and attention to detail break through from every pixel.

“Information is lost, information is overwritten, birth and death are natural cycles of the world we are living in.”



Additional information
Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 61 × 3 × 81 cm

Framed or unframed

Unframed, Distance magnetic Aluminium frame

Non-fungible token edition

This edition is associated with a series of NFTs that Alexander Bühler produced concurrently with the Tezos energy-efficient blockchain.

The artist is creating an additional 13 NFTs from photocopies of the same event used in the making of this edition.
One of these NFTs will be limited to 54 copies, exclusively reserved for collectors of the blackprint edition

The NFT collection is available on the Tezos NFT markeplace – Objkt.com –


A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a type of digital asset that represents ownership or proof of authenticity of a unique item or piece of content using blockchain technology. Unlike traditional forms of digital files, such as images or videos, which can be easily copied and shared, NFTs are unique and cannot be replicated.
More info about Tezos NFTs

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