“Nu évanouissant”. Edition of 10

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“Nu évanouissant” was printed from a glass plate negativ 13 × 18 cm, originally dating around 1907. The picture belongs to a collection which documents the life of a family and an artist, probably in Vienna. The collection was given to us by a friend. We have not made one digital retouche. The print was realised on the extraordinary art paper Litho manufactured by François Lafranca himself in a valley in the South Part of Switzerland. Each print is a unique piece of paper and art. Format 33 × 44 cm.

Title: “Nu évanouissant”
Year: ca. 1907
Country: Austria / Switzerland
Photographer: Anonymous
Origin: Negative plate 13 × 18 cm / The blackprint collection

Size Paper & Print: 33 × 44 cm | 20 × 27.5 cm
Printing technique: Piezography® Pro
Swiss Handmade Paper: Cartalafranca
Wild Silk, Cotton & Linen. ca. 350 gr/m2. pH neutral.

Swiss handmade frame: 36.7 × 48 cm
Material: Nature Light-KR | profile 13/28
Distance: 7.5 mm, white
Glass: Anti-reflective museum art glass

First edition of 10, Zürich


Nu évanouis­sant” was print­ed from a glass plate neg­a­tiv 13 × 18 cm, orig­i­nal­ly dat­ing around 1907. The pic­ture belongs to a col­lec­tion which doc­u­ments the life of a fam­i­ly and an artist, prob­a­bly in Vien­na. The col­lec­tion was giv­en to us by a friend. We have not made one dig­i­tal retouche. The print was realised on the extra­or­di­nary art paper Litho man­u­fac­tured by François Lafran­ca him­self in a val­ley in the South Part of Switzer­land. Each print is a unique piece of paper and art. For­mat 33 × 44 cm.

Title: “Nu évanouissant”
Year: ca. 1907
Coun­try: Aus­tria / Switzerland
Pho­tog­ra­ph­er: Anonymous
Ori­gin: Neg­a­tive plate 13 × 18 cm / The black­print collection

Size Paper & Print: 33 × 44 cm | 20 × 27.5 cm
Print­ing tech­nique: Piezog­ra­phy® Pro
Swiss Hand­made Paper: Cartalafranca
Wild Silk, Cot­ton & Linen. ca. 350 gr/m2. pH neutral.

Swiss hand­made frame: 36.7 × 48 cm
Mate­r­i­al: Nature Light-KR | pro­file 13/28
Dis­tance: 7.5 mm, white
Glass: Anti-reflec­tive muse­um art glass

First edi­tion of 10, Zürich

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 45 × 32 × 0.05 cm
Framed or unframed

Unframed, nature wooden frame + anti-reflective white glass

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