“ˈwʌt ðə ˈfʌkism – PH03”. Unique piece

$ 2'500.00

Title: “wʌt ðəˈfʌk\ism – PH03”
Artist: WONOW
Year: 2023
Country: Switzerland
Origin: Digital drawing

Size Paper & Print: 23.5 × 30 cm 
Printing technique: Piezography® Pro
Paper: Handmade Shiramine 110 gr/m2 japanese paper.

blackprint.studio frame: 25 × 31.5 × 4 cm
Material: Walnut wood | paper bonded to 2mm aluminium

Unique piece (1 physical + 1 NFT), Zürich
The print is bound to a Non-fungible token

Signed, dated and numbered by the artist
Provided with a Verisart blockchain Certificate of Authenticity.

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About wonow

Wonow is a French artist, currently residing and creating in Switzerland. With a profound fascination for the transient nature of the moment, Wonow has cultivated a body of work centered around themes of ephemerality.

Drawing from a background in applied arts and design, as well as a fervent love for drawing, Wonow’s oeuvre extends far beyond mere abstract ink and charcoal sketches. Each stroke on the canvas carries not just visual impact but also profound layers of meaning. Yet, these abstract drawings serve as a mere inception point for Wonow’s artistic exploration.

Transitioning seamlessly between various mediums including music, photography, film, and performance, Wonow’s artistic journey unfolds as a captivating narrative. Through exposure of the artistic process, Wonow invites the audience to partake in the unfolding of creativity. Each piece becomes a multidimensional tapestry, woven from spontaneous improvisations yet meticulously curated layers.

Instagram: @wo_n_ow

About the artwork

“ˈwʌt ðə ˈfʌk\ism” – serie
No logic, no reason, an impromptu digital hybrid artwork.This series is part of a collection of works that are both digital and phygital, unfolding in two distinct facets.
On one hand, a series of exclusively digital works, comprised of improvised digital drawings, are made accessible on objkt.com, providing a virtual immersion into the wonow’s abstract universe. On the other hand, unique variations of these creations take physical form, allowing for a tangible manifestation of the digital artworks.

Additional information
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 61 × 3 × 81 cm
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