• blackprint newsletter december 21

    Newsletter #09

    New blackprint edition featuring Eva Iten, Olli Bery and Alexander Bühler. New print edition bound with a NFT Edition on the Tezos low carbon blockchain.

  • blackprint Zurich Schwarz auf Weiss exhibition

    Zürich Schwarz auf Weiss

    The exhibition takes visitors on a journey into the first half of the 20th century working worlds of Zurich.

  • blackprint newsletter Nr.08

    Newsletter #08

    On January 13 1908 Henry Farman became the first aviator to succeed in covering 1,000 m with his Farman HF-I biplane.

  • blackprint edition NY art book fair2019

    NY Art Book Fair 2019

    blackprint edition will be present with a/b Books at MoMA PS1 during the New York Art Book Fair, to present our karo editions, karo limited and our latest productions with Klaus-Martin Gareis and Alexander Sporre.

  • blackprint edition photo schweiz 2019

    Photo SCHWEIZ 2019

    We are going to be at the Photo19 with Fotokultur.media and Ars Imago. Bringing our high quality prints, Editions and a lot of material.

  • blackprint edition - Limited edition of an original antique negative on glass of a hot air balloon circa 1900

    Limited Edition of Antique Photographs

    A private collection of antique photographs on glass,
    which opened the desire to show these 150 year old photographs in a new but coherent manner and therefor in
    limited series, has materialized in the self-published project blackprint edition.

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