“Polycystina”, Glass. Edition of 30

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“Polycystina” was printed from a Microscope slide 2.6 × 7.5 cm, originally dating around 1890. We have developed our own technique, so that we can reproduce the original negative plate with the smallest details on a piezography print 10 times larger. Only a small digital cleaning and retouching has been made. The print is realised on the extraordinary Japanese Awagami Bamboo paper and laminated between two mineral glasses of 2 mm & 2 mm antireflex coated. The techniques in combination with this original antique negative plate make this a exceptional artwork.

Title: “Polycystina from Barbados”
Year: 1890
Country: England
Photographer: Richard Suter
Origin: Microscope slide 2.6 × 7.5 cm / The blackprint collection

Size Glass & Print: 89.5 × 89.5 cm | 89.5 × 89.5 cm
Printing technique: Piezography® Pro
Paper: A.I.J.P Awagami Bamboo 170 gr/m2. pH-neutral.
Laminated Glass: Front: HY-TECH-GLASS, 2 mm non-reflective extra-clear. | Back: Glass, 2 mm float.
Weight: 8 Kg

First edition of 30, Zürich
blackprint with Abgraphics Studio


Poly­cysti­na” was print­ed from a Micro­scope slide 2.6 × 7.5 cm, orig­i­nal­ly dat­ing around 1890. We have devel­oped our own tech­nique, so that we can repro­duce the orig­i­nal neg­a­tive plate with the small­est details on a piezog­ra­phy print 10 times larg­er. Only a small dig­i­tal clean­ing and retouch­ing has been made. The print is realised on the extra­or­di­nary Japan­ese Awaga­mi Bam­boo paper and lam­i­nat­ed between two min­er­al glass­es of 2 mm & 2 mm antire­flex coat­ed. The tech­niques in com­bi­na­tion with this orig­i­nal antique neg­a­tive plate make this a excep­tion­al artwork.

Title: “Poly­cysti­na from Barbados”
Year: 1890
Coun­try: England
Pho­tog­ra­ph­er: Richard Suter
Ori­gin: Micro­scope slide 2.6 × 7.5 cm / The black­print collection

Size Glass & Print: 89.5 × 89.5 cm | 89.5 × 89.5 cm 
Print­ing tech­nique: Piezog­ra­phy® Pro
Paper: A.I.J.P Awaga­mi Bam­boo 170 gr/m2. pH-neu­tral.
Lam­i­nat­ed Glass: Front: HY-TECH-GLASS, 2 mm non-reflec­tive extra-clear. | Back: Glass, 2 mm float. 
Weight: 8 Kg

First edi­tion of 30, Zürich

Weight 8000 g
Dimensions 90 × 0.5 × 90 cm
Fixing for wall mounting

with wall bracket, without wall bracket

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